1. Waytha Morthy has to relinquish his position as Minister of Unity and National Integration in the Prime Minister’s Department.

2. He clearly failed to shoulder the trust and responsibility in upholding the unity and harmony of the racial and religious diversity of Malaysia. Neither does he understand the sensitivity of the multiracial ethnics of Malaysia since Merdeka, 62 years ago.

3. This is evidenced by the fact that he agreed to attend, as Special Guest, in a program called An Inter-Generational Conversation, which will discuss the bloody 13th May 1969 riot, scheduled for 15th June 2019 at RUANG organised by Think City.

4. The event will be held at RUANG by Think City which is located at No.2 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur. Local speakers/personalities are invited to vividly give a detailed account of what happened in the 13th May tragedy.

5. It is rather weird that the panellists for the forum are Mohsin Abdullah, journalist for The Edge Malaysia, Hassan Muthalib, an artisan, designer and film producer, Dato’ Foong Yee, a former police officer who was directly involved in the bloody incident, and another panellist, Johan Fernandeze, while moderator; Jerald Joseph with Special Guest, YB Senator Waytha Moorthy A/L Ponnusamy, Minister in National Unity and Integration Department who is also Hindraf President – once an illegal radical movement of the country.

6. MUAFAKAT has no objections whatsoever towards any form of positive programs that are beneficial to the people and nation. Recalling the bloody riot of 13th May tragedy and debate it freely could lead to another racial instability and tension.

7. It is seen as though this “talk” program has a motive to raise the May 13 bloody event that has become a secondary school syllabus, to a new narrative that contradicts the homeland’s real history.

8. We do not want this pointless “talk” to be manipulated as a platform for those who are dissatisfied to take advantage in trying to elevate perpetrators to become heroes while the heroes are made perpetrators.

9. Freedom of speech does not convey that the people have absolute freedom to the extent that they are free to speak out against the principle of multi-racial stability in the country.

10. MUAFAKAT wants to remind the organizers of the program that their actions seem to blame the Malay Dilemma writer by not denying that it has played a role after the tragedy.

11. Henceforth, MUAFAKAT is of the view to avoid any unwelcome elements; THIS PROGRAM SHOULD BE SCRAPPED!

12. If such an event deliberately abuses the freedom of speech to a point that it could jeopardize the country’s harmony, MUAFAKAT urges the Prime Minister, YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir for the ISA to be reinstated.

By: Haji Rashidi bin Haris

MUAFAKAT Media Department

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